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Episode 84- Ain‘t nobody gonna tell me how to live.

Episode 84- Ain‘t nobody gonna tell me how to live.

November 21, 2021

We're back this week with a bone-busting episode for ya'll. Joey McIntyre, The Wampus Cat himself, joins us for a full review of the Live Action Cowboy Bebop from Netflix. We also give our top ten songs from our Spotify accounts and discuss some punk/post punk gems.

Stay tuned till the end for a full breakdown of the new banger from Kid Rock. You're gonna hate it.

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Episode 83- Narcottage Cheese w/ Nick Dermon

Episode 83- Narcottage Cheese w/ Nick Dermon

November 19, 2021

Alright ya’ll, I have an absolute freakshow of an episode for you today. I am joined of course by my good friend Nick Thick-Stick Dermon for what some folks have called “An actual slight against mankind, and perhaps God.” I invite you to listen, if you have a spare moment in your busy lives.

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Episode 82- Venus isn‘t a planet

Episode 82- Venus isn‘t a planet

November 14, 2021

Today I am joined by The Wampus Cat, Joey McIntyre, to talk about dork stuff. Hear the latest on movies, music, wrestling, mma, bass fishing, small engine repair, ferrofluids, Crispin Glover, and more.

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Episode 81- Guess who I kissed at The Post Office

Episode 81- Guess who I kissed at The Post Office

November 7, 2021

Alright folks, this one has CHILLS that are concurrently electrifying AND multiplying.

Wampus and I discuss UFC 268, Usman Vs Covington, which wrapped directly before we recorded this episode.

We recap our SINISTER Halloween and discuss The Perks of Being A Wallflower, as well as The Perks of Being a Mailman.

And you’re going to want to stick around to hear our top ten favorite lubricants to grease a hog, it’s a hell of a time.

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Episode 80- Bitter Birthday Beans

Episode 80- Bitter Birthday Beans

October 25, 2021

In this episode we give our full review of Halloween kills, celebrate my 32nd birthday, discuss some upcoming UFC fights, sacrifice a muskrat, and develop psychosis. Hope you enjoy. Podcast also available on all Podcast listening services.

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Episode 79- Cornbread in the Cornbed w/ Rowdy Yates

Episode 79- Cornbread in the Cornbed w/ Rowdy Yates

October 17, 2021

Boy HOWDY do we have a banger for you ole chunks of coal today. Wampus and I are joined by our good friend Rowdy Yates for the best episode of the year. Folks, we cover it all in this episode. You name it, we throttled it. We hit the usuals- MMA, Movies, ya know, that bullhockey. I talk crap about Chapelle and The Closer. BUT we also hit some classic reminiscing, stories you've never heard before, and more. Heartfelt stuff, sappy stuff, stuff that will tickle your tear ducts. I'm telling ya'll, this ain't one to miss.


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Episode 78- Ike Humbuckets

Episode 78- Ike Humbuckets

October 9, 2021

Today's episode of The Podcast features The Wampus Cat himself, Joey G. McIntyre and some absolutely enthralling conversation on philosophy, medicine, and Judeo-Christian mythological history. In addition to our usual talk of MMA, Pro Wrestling, and Horror Movies, we also pull the whole hog out.

Episode 77- Blasting Rope

Episode 77- Blasting Rope

October 4, 2021

Thanks for listening to The Obscure Curio.

Today I am joined by The Wampus Cat, Joey McIntyre, for an evening on psychological anorexia, urban ineptitude, and congressional feltching. We also cover the latest in MMA, Movies, and Stuff. Get your hog moist.

Episode 76- Crimea River

Episode 76- Crimea River

September 25, 2021

We are finally back and celebrating The TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of The Obscure Curio. Thanks so much for listening.

Today I am joined by The Wampus Cat, Joey McIntyre for a full conversation on MMA, Pro Wrestling, Rob Zombie, Banjos, Kazoos, how to go full throttle, and more.

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Episode 75- No Soda In The Water Cup

Episode 75- No Soda In The Water Cup

August 24, 2021

Alright crew, we have an absolutely incredible episode for your little ears today. Joey and I start off the episode with a scant few details about a creative project we are working on, get into another delightful tale of crack heads down to the Circle K, and power into the rest of the episode with discussion of movies, music, mma, space aliens, life hacks, knife hacks, and a whole bunch of other nonsensical bullshit. I sure think you’ll enjoy it.

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